TopQualiTea (TQT) has been active for more than 25 years in Organic & Fairtrade teas and spices. Our starting point was in 1991 West Midland Tea Campaign. The idea then and today is to trade in organically grown quality teas, teas as directly from marginalized (if possible small scale) producers in a fair and sustainable way. We try to respect and support local and regional processes of organic and sustainable activities of all kind in the production and value adding of teas, spices and other agri-products which according to the well recognized and detailed UN-report of 2009 can bring about local development and fight the hunger in the world best.

Since the early Tea Campaign days (and lot of apprentice work in India) TQT developed in 2 directions.

1) Direct Imports via a set up of various companies both in producing and consuming countries (UK, Germany, France, USA, South Africa, India). These small companies are normally established in partnership with local people. Last year TQT was selling this way 151MT organic teas  – from  India alone 75MT organic tea was sold.

2) Our second pillar is first hand agency and consulting work (set up of legal TQT-consulting companies in EU, US and India) helping importers to find suitable importers organic producers and also help marginalized small scale producers to find sustainable trading methods and markets for tea and spice products.

This way ‘the TQT–Network’ was selling more than 2500Mt of tea and spices produced by more than 10000 producers for consumers across the world.

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