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Tuyu B.V. is founded in 2003 by Antoinette Gast, focussing on special productions since 2008. Working with WFTO members or their suppliers since the beginning, tuyu is proud to have become a WFTO guaranteed fair trade organisation.

The mission of tuyu is to create sustainable commercial markets for fair trade craftsmen in developing countries. Tuyu focusses on special productions for main stream customers in the middle-high segment in Europe. Our products are personal accessories and products for the home, used as business gift, private label or merchandise. We build sustainable relations, with our clients and with our producers, giving them more than just the order.

Our aim is to open new doors for fair trade crafts. To introduce fair trade in the sourcing of commercial brands in Europe. The role of tuyu is to attract new customers and to translate their brand image and our experience into the favorite product of their customer.

The relations with our producers are based on dialogue, support and trust. We offer the producer on-the-job product development and commercial empowerment within and around the order process. Our aim is to help the producer grow on main stream markets building their own strength. We work with fair trade producers who are ambitious, creative and willing to grow.
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