S.C. NetWorks Trading Srl was established in 2001 as part of a wider holistic program, to help create employment for people living in situations of extreme poverty in North West Romania, many of whom are Rroma.

To this end we engage in a number of commercial activities.

DECE is our registered trademark and it is a Romanian word meaning “WHY?”

DECE has become our most successful enterprise in helping people escape from cycles of generational poverty, developing skills and potential in individuals, restoring dignity and empowering people to provide for their families.

The first DECE product was a simple crochet hat. Crocheting needs little equipment and enabled our employees to work from home which meant that they could build their work schedule around caring for their family. In 2013 DECE began to produce simple leather products that created work opportunities for men in the community and has become a significant part of the DECE story.

Since then we have a growing team of skilled artisans, working both from home and in our production hubs.

We are producing high quality clothing accessories including hand crocheted and knitted beanies and scarves, organic cotton beanies, and leather goods including wallets, handbags, messenger bags and briefcases.

Our vision is not just for people to survive but to thrive. Where people find dignity and self esteem, confidence and security, where through their own work people are able to provide more than just food, but a home and future for their children.

For more information or to visit our web store go to www.dececlothing.com

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