On 6th June as part of the “Connect & Act” members’ meeting and in the context of the Trade Fair Live Fair EC project, WFTO-Europe in collaboration with Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) will host the public event “The role of mission-led business models in pursuing global social and environmental justice”. The event will take place from 09:30-12:30 CEST in Maison des Associations Internationales on Rue Washington 40, 1050 Brussels.

The theme revolves around the link and interconnection between social and environmental justice, and the unique contribution of mission-led businesses in achieving these two.

Fair Trade can be a vehicle for advancing game-changing ecological ideas in business and Fair Trade enterprises can embrace circular economy and organic models of production. Crucially, we wish to demonstrate that environmental justice cannot be achieved without social justice, and that WFTO member Fair Trade enterprises have an ability that could prove key in promoting solutions to both issues.

In view of the WFTO Fair Trade Summit in Lima, where WFTO members across the world will gather to discuss several topics, including climate justice, this event is the opportunity for European organizations to exchange within the environmental and social economy networks on how it’s possible to improve ecological practices and reinforce our role as strategic allies in pursuing social and environmental justice.

Draft agenda:

  • 09.30 – Introduction, Representative from WFTO-Europe bids welcome and explains the event’s rationale.
  • 09.35-09.50 – Part 1: Connecting the dots, How can the Fair Trade Movement strengthen the connection between environmental and social justice?
    Representative from WFTO presents the model of Fair Trade Enterprises as potentially unlocking environmental justice.
  • 09.50-10.50 – Plenary session: Panel discussion for setting the scene – What would environmental justice without social justice look like, and vice versa?
    A panel of different participating organisations discusses the interdependence of social and environmental justice and standards, with opportunity for the audience to pitch specifics. Participants of the panel to be confirmed.

  • 10.50-12.00 – Part 2: Taking steps forward – How to create better synergies between mission-led businesses and civil society organisations working on environment. – Interactive sessions in “World Café” style with four groups discussing the following topics:
    1. Advocacy: Towards a Fair Sustainability Agenda, identify objectives and next steps.
    2. Discussing concrete practices or collaborations between our movements, which could demonstrate viable environmental and climate action with impact on the political debate.
    The session will be arranged with two groups per topic discussing for app. 30 minutes, after which groups rotate so all will discuss each topic.
    * Coffee and tea will be available during this session.

  •  12.00-12.30 – Part 3: Wrap-up session, Each group reports outputs of the previous sessions in plenary.

Please save the date and confirm your participation in the public event by registering HERE by Monday, the 27th of May 2019. Be aware that there are limited seats for this event, please register as soon as possible to ensure your place!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mikkel Kofod Nørgård at projects[at]wfto-europe.org.

More than 50 Fair Trade Enterprises across Europe will also join the public event and attend the “connect & Act” gathering meeting that WFTO-Europe is organizing on the 6th afternoon and on the 7th of June  to provide training on key Fair Trade related topics. A draft programme of the meeting can be found here.





This project is funded by the European Union