Seepje produces laundry detergents and cleaning products based on the best natural ingredients, such as the infamous Himalayan supershells! They grow in abundance in India and Nepal. When water is added, these shells will release a natural form of soap, which is the base ingredient for most Seepje products. This is how Seepje creates a cleaner and brighter world!

Seepje innovates and leads the way in the use of renewable resources. More than 99% of our ingredients are of natural origin. At Seepje, we also promote nature conservation, as the Sapindus trees are preserved through their trade in the shells. By paying the farmers in India and Nepal a fair price, they actively promote equality and provide them with a livable income. In collaboration with multiple work facilities for disabled people, their ‘champs’ play a key role in the production process. 

As 21-year old students, Jasper and Melvin – the founders of Seepje – watched a documentary in which a Nepalese woman used a natural form of soap. ‘Why do we use synthetic and oil-based products, when a natural alternative is available?’, they thought. In 2013 they founded Seepje together. Now, Seepje manufactures more than 15 products that benefit people and nature. Seepje is sold in over 2,100 stores in 5 countries. Seepje is B Corp and meets the strictest requirements in the field of social and environmental performance, transparency and liability.

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