The producers are the core of our work. Solidarity, equitable and direct cooperation with less privileged producers is our strength. Our mission is to stimulate economic development in less privileged regions of the world through fair trade in traditional handicrafts. The aim is to provide opportunities to small-scale and less privileged producers and their communities to build an appropriate livelihood so as to reduce the gap between rich and poor.

At Sawahasa Foundation we see our global Fair Trade supply chain as a fruit tree. The essence of this tree are the roots of the tree, namely the producers and their communities. As long as we see our tree as an interconnected chain that must work closely, we will take good care of our roots. And healthy roots provide wonderful fruits, isn’t it?! That is why Sawahasa is selling such fair and beautiful products from healthy producers:)

The current board of Sawahasa Foundation consists of three people, Sjef, Anbertie and Kasper. Currently there are three part-time employees working within the foundation. An important task of these employees is co-lead our eight volunteers and directing the  trainees and interns.

Our foundation has among others the aim to strengthen the team with volunteers who like to work for one or more days. Volunteers help us with daily tasks and have their own background including pensioners, people looking for a meaningful use of time, and we cooperate with organisations seeking temporary placement for their clients such as mental healthcare services. Since 2013 we are a recognised training company and we receive every year numerous students for their internships or theses.

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