tm2Tropical Mountains, was founded in 2014 by myself (Swiss) and my Peruvian wife. It’s a sustainable coffee company and stands for premium coffee, fair and direct trade. Our mission: Serving organic coffee beans and home-compostable capsules, sustainably produced and traceable up to the coffee tree (family owned farm). Tropical Mountains creates shared value for customers and coffee producers by reinvesting profits in a sustainable growth and social projects in Peru. In particular, we have created our own foundation for Peru’s coffee kids.

Our USP: We are the first company in Europe that offers a 100% sustainable alternative to aluminum and plastic capsules. Our clients are hotels, restaurants, corporates, NGOs and individuals that use our garden-compostable coffee capsules for Nespresso machines and enjoy a high-quality coffee and an improved CO2
Click here to go to Tropical Mountains’ website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch in here a video about their project for Peru’s coffee kids!

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