WFTO-POSTER_AFRICA We invited all our members to hold press conferences and other press activities within a 48-hour time span starting at 00:00 on 11 May 2013.The goal was to to create parallel press conferences on Fair Trade all around the world. The aim of the day was to make Fair Trade the topic in all places at all times.

The general theme for this year was Fair Trade relationships. We wanted to take up this opportunity to reflect on the kind of relationships we have built up and want to build up in the future.

We looked at what it means to establish a Fair Trade Relationship and celebrated these during the day.Our aim was to tell the press and the public about the WFTO Brand of Fair Trade, which is deeply grounded on fair and sustainable trading practices of Fair Trade Organizations (FTOs). Practices of FTOs, not products!

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WFTO-Europe produced its Hand-in-Hand For Fair Trade campaign which was realized with the help of our members and friends of Fair Trade. We thank all the participants and we wish to keep on building  enthusiastic Fair Trade relationships!


wftday 2013 - hand in hand



At WFTO-Europe, we celebrated the WFT Day at the heart of Brussels with our local partner.

On 11 of May the Belgian Fair Trade Federation organized an event to raise the awareness of the local population but also of the usual tourists that visit Brussels.

The well famous symbol of the Belgian capital, the ‘Manneken Pis’, was dressed with Fair Trade clothes. It is in fact a tradition in Brussels to dress up the little statue in various clothing according to different festivities´. This was the costume number 901 and extraordinarily also the female correspondent of the most popular touristic attraction, ‘Jaenneke Pis’ was dressed up in the same way! The event attracted the attention of many people, not only for the new costume of the sightsee but also on Fair Trade. Many thanks to the commitment of the Belgian Fair Trade Federation which has found out an original way to spread the Fair trade massage and to celebrate it!


WFTDay 2013, Hotel de Ville, Bruxelles


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