On May 13 2017, WFTO-Europe will commemorate Fair Trade and the Planet on World Fair Trade Day 2017. Together with other Agents for Change across the world – consumers, policy makers and advocates – we will emphasize our dedication to Fair Trade as our way to achieve sustainable development.

The 2017 celebration will be the third in the series of the ‘Be An Agent for Change’ campaign. WFTO believes that Fair Trade is an Agent for Change, a solution to trade injustices and imbalances of power in the supply chain. People in the Fair Trade supply chain and the consumers supporting Fair Trade products are Agents for Change. It is our inherent power to make change.

Also this year, we will form a human chain to symbolize solidarity. WFTO-Europe will organize an event for our network celebrating World Fair Trade Day where we will form our human chain for the WFTO universal celebration.

Everyone can be an Agent for Change even with small efforts in your every-day life. Together, we can create a fairer world. WFTO-Europe will use the occasion to show you why and how.

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Join us and as an Agent for Change! Stay updated on our Facebook and Twitter to see how you can be an Agent for Change and be a part of creating a real difference in the world.


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