Celebrating Innovations for People and Planet

What do elephant poo and postcards from Peru have in common? Our new WFT-Day video has the answer and explains how Fair Trade innovates.

No matter if it is innovation in product development, innovation that creates economic opportunities, that saves the planet or innovation that empowers women – there are many reasons to celebrate the innovating aspects of Fair Trade!

This is why our video showcases some of our members and their extraordinary products. WFTO-Europe member Elecosy, for example, transforms elephant poo into note books and other wonderful paper products. And there is fair fashion brand People Tree who use TENCEL™ and other sustainable fabrics to avoid as many non-degradable materials as possible. This way, they create beautiful products that consumers can enjoy and make use of, while at the same time ensuring the protection of its producers and our environment. This is how our members make sure to put people and planet  – not profits – first.

There is a bigger message behind Fair Trade than “just” its innovative and beautiful products. This message lies in the mission-led business models of Fair Trade enterprises. Our member organisations are built on strong visions to create an alternative trading system. They achieve this goal through innovative governance structures that are manifestly different from mainstream business. Unlike regular businesses, they do not cut costs to endlessly pursue more profits. Instead they work for their producers, local communities, and the environment – while still being commercially viable. This is what makes them the enterprises of the new economy. And this is why Fair Trade innovates!

Watch our video and learn more:

Fair Trade Advocacy at European level

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office is leading a pan-EU campaign around the European Parliament elections, which will take place on 23-26 May 2019. The campaign, titled The Fair Times, aims to engage EP candidates through a focus around the EU sustainable production and consumption (SCP) agenda. The Fair Times is the name of a fabricated newspaper, drafted in 2024, the end of the next EP term. It aims to inspire candidates to take action if elected in support of SCP.

Read The Fair Times here.

We hope that WFTO members in the EU will both celebrate the innovations of Fair Trade while calling on their leaders to draw inspiration from Fair Trade’s proof of concept that it is possible to have businesses that put people and planet before profit.

Celebrate with us!

Find events in your country, learn how you can participate in the celebrations and promote Fair Trade beyond the 11th of May, and read about other innovative Fair Trade enterprises on WFTO’s celebration page.