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Today is the World Fair Trade Day where Agents for Change from all over the world will honor Fair Trade, our way to achieve sustainable development. For this day, fair traders, consumers, policy makers and advocates form human chains to symbolize solidarity and commitment to people and the planet.

“This day we celebrate the world we wish to be! A world where people all over the world no matter who they are and what they do have the same rights and the same opportunities. We celebrate a world where fairness and global justice are the leading principles of political acts, a world where Fair Trade is the normal rule. But, in this day, we also go further than dreaming and show how all together we can make this fair world come true. We are the agent for change. With our actions, our daily choices we can shape the future of our society. Therefore, join our movement, our human chain and help us promote Fair Trade as a key driver of a fair and sustainable world” says the WFTO-Europe Coordinator, Francesca Giubilo.

This year, the WFTO network puts attention of how we are Agents for Change. We believe that everyone can be an Agent for Change and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We have the power to create change, not just as policy makers and advocates, but also as consumers with the small choices we make in our everyday life. When you support Fair Trade you help eliminate poverty, discrimination and other human rights violations.

Last night, WFTO-Europe celebrated this day together with other actors from the Fair Trade Movement at Café BOOM in Brussels. Here, we had the chance to form a human chain to show that we are all linked giving every one of us the power to be Agents for Change. We also took up the Fairtrade Challenge by sharing Fair Trade chocolate with all attendees.


During the event, participants were asked how they are Agents for Change. Participants came with a wide range of examples on how you can be an Agent for Change even with small efforts. People stated that they buy Fair Trade products and presents, attend Fair Trade events and support Fair Trade campaigns. For example, an attendee answered that she is a “Fair Trade chocaholic” and another attendee claimed to have been drinking half of the global Fair Trade coffee production. But even in small doses, purchasing Fair Trade coffee has a massive impact. Learn why here.

Follow the World Fair Trade Day and Agents for Change campaign on our Twitter. Learn how you can be an Agent for Change and make a real difference in this world here.




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