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How are WFTO-Europe members in other countries doing? What are the facets of Fair Trade in Germany, Finland, Belgium and co.? What’s new with the members in your home country?


Latest news:

16th September, 2021. Together with the FT movement, we called on the Parties to the UNFCCC to introduce clear, fair and biding mechanism for trade justice in order to achieve climate justice in their negotiations at COP26. Take a look at the policy statement here:  Fair Trade Movement Position Paper






Paris Agreement Statement: No Climate Justice Without Trade Justice

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Building Back Fairer


Achieving Supply Chain Transparency


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Fair Trade Towns Conference 2019, Cardiff


The Malongo business


Fair Trade Marathon and Breakfast at the European Parliament

A Fair and Sustainable Business Model is Possible!


Civil Society Calls for Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence Legislation


15th International Fair Trade Summit in Lima


WFTO-Europe Connect & Act Members’ Meeting


Life Changing Clothing- S.C. NetWorks Trading Srl


New video: Introducing WFTO-Europe!


WFTO-Europe members from Germany publish leaflet on WFTO


Event highlights role of mission-led enterprises in promoting social and environmental justice.


New blog post: The European Fair Train #2 – Germany


World Shops and the Chance of Municipal Networking – New Report by “Weltladen Dachverband”


WFTO-Europe Annual Report 2018-2019 out now!

WFTO-Europe Review 2019 – Fair Trade as a step towards the Sustainable Development Goals


World Fair Trade Day 2019 is here!


How Fair Trade Innovates – El Puente’s Story


15th International Fair Trade Summit


Elections for the European Parliament – Campaign of the Trade Fair Live Fair Project


Gender – A cross-cutting topic in Fair Trade Enterprises

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