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Connect & Act Members’ Meeting – Conference Report

New video: Introducing WFTO-Europe!

The European Fair Train #2 – Germany

World Shops and the Chance of Municipal Networking

Hot off the press: WFTO-Europe’s latest publications

WFTO-Europe at the European Development Days

15th International Fair Trade Summit – Join the Global Fair Trade Community

International Fair Trade Towns Conference 2019

WFTO-Europe members from Germany publish leaflet on WFTO

Member in the Spotlight

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16th-19th September 2019:
The International Fair Trade Summit, Lima, Peru

24th-26th September 2019:
European Research and Innovation Days, Brussels, Belgium

2nd-12th October 2019:
Belgium Fair Trade Week

18th-20th October 2019:
International Fair Trade Towns Conference 2019, Wales

24th October 2019:
“High-level conference on Sustainability & Competition Policy”, Brussels – Link to be followed soon on FTAO’s website


WFTO-Europe @ home

Connect & Act Members’ Meeting – Conference Report

On 6th and 7th June we hosted our “Connect & Act” meeting in Brussels, followed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in the afternoon of the 7th. The event was funded by the Trade Fair Live Fair project and gathered more than 60 people from 13 different European countries. This provided valuable space and opportunity for our members and prospective organisations to share experiences and raise important issues faced in the implementation of Fair Trade practices. In the morning of the first day we were additionally joined by members of like-minded movements for the public event “The role of mission-led business models in pursuing global social and environmental justice”, where participants discussed common goals around the theme of social and environmental justice.

You can find a recap, the full conference report as well as some pictures of the event under this link.

Many thanks to all the members and participants who travelled to Brussels and participated so actively in our sessions and discussions – you made this event a great success.


New video: Introducing WFTO-Europe!

We want to be the voice of Fair Trade in Europe and build a strongly connected, well recognized network between our European members. Find out more in our brand new WFTO-Europe video!


The European Fair Train #2 – Germany

Ready for another ride on the Fair Train? Our new blog “The European Fair Train” takes you on a journey through the very many facets of Fair Trade in our European member countries. Hop on and travel with us to Germany, where Fair Trade looks back on a long history and continues to grow thanks to our 10 German Guaranteed Members. Read the latest blog post here.

World Shops and the Chance of Municipal Networking

Our member Weltladen Dachverband, the German association of world shops with 450 members, recently published a report on the relationship between world shops and local authorities in Germany. The report highlights both the challenges and the potential of a closer cooperation between municipalities and world shops. The aim was to work out solution approaches for world shops to build a stronger commitment to Fair Trade in their municipality.

You can read our recap of the report in English here.


Europe in a nutshell

Hot off the press: WFTO-Europe’s latest publications

It has been an eventful first half of the year for WFTO-Europe – not only thanks to our Connect & Act members’ meeting in June, but also because of the many interesting publications that we launched in the past months.

One highlight is our WFTO-Europe Review which looks at Fair Trade as a means towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The review features some of our members and the ways in which they work with Fair Trade. As part of the Trade Fair Live Fair project, this publication is aimed at showcasing the strong links between Fair Trade and the Sustainable Development Goals for the agenda 2030. The practices in the review illustrate the holistic approach of Fair Trade as an alternative business model and WFTO as a network of mission-led businesses. We hope that citizens, businesses and organizations will take some of these practices to heart and reflect on how they can support or adopt them into their own work. The WFTO-Europe members featured in the review show several ways to do this while running a healthy and viable business. You can read the full review here.

Moreover, we recently published our Annual Report 2018/19 which highlights our main achievements of the past year per objective, covering the areas “capacity”, “learning” and “voice”. Also, the report looks ahead at areas in which we want to develop further. Following up on the research and campaigns activities developed to show the key role of Fair Trade to contribute to the SDGs, we want to make sure to go further and to accompany and equip our members with stronger tools to become ambassadors of our mission-led business model. We aim at stronger connections and at advocating with like-minded organisations for a new economy where people and planet are put before profit. Click here to read our Annual Report.

Last but not least, our research on the Fair Payment Process, which was also conducted in the scope of the Trade Fair Live Fair project, will be published shortly. The research looks at obstacles to implementation and makes recommendations for members on best practice for certain aspects of the implementation. Among the key findings of the research is the fact that achieving Local Living Wages for producers is a long process which must be driven by continuous improvement. Further, the findings illustrate the issue of price and the need to collaborate along the supply chain to restrain margins in order to avoid price escalation that could damage sales. The main utility of the research has been to inform WFTO-Europe of what areas of the implementation we should look into for informing, training and supporting our members in this process. In addition to the research we have developed an animation which explains the Fair Payment Process in an easy and graphic way. Both research publication and the animation are forthcoming on this page.

WFTO-Europe at the European Development Days

On 18 and 19 June, we attended the European Development Days (EDD) 2019, which were held in Brussels under the motto “Addressing inequalities: Building a world which leaves no one behind”. Organised by the European Commission, the EDD bring together actors from the development community each year to share ideas and experiences and to create new collaborations and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

This year’s themes and topics involved three categories:

> Why inequalities matter for sustainable development
> Understanding the structural causes of inequalities
> Working better together through more effective policies to address inequalities

The sessions we, at WFTO-Europe, joined involved topics such as ethical clothes, inclusive growth, green transition and value chains. Among the speakers seemed to be general consensus that we need more growth and that this growth needs to be inclusive. The underlying logic is evidently that growth by nature generates inequality, and that governments (at national as well as at EU level) must intervene to mitigate this dynamic. At WFTO-Europe, we believe that our membership already offers a solution approach to this matter. Fair Trade enterprises are viable businesses which create growth like conventional ones – even if this growth develops at lower pace or scale. Their way of work ensures that growth or profits are distributed fairly to the involved stakeholders. The growth they are creating is therefore inclusive from the outset – in the way it works and is created.

Speakers further highlighted the importance of inclusive and climate resilient infrastructure as well as fair and equitable job creation in order to achieve inclusive growth. It was mentioned that the gender lens has to be taken into particular account, since women and girls are demonstrably more vulnerable to climate change and poverty. Special emphasis was also put on tackling the climate crisis. Putting it on the everyday agenda as a cross-cutting topic of all activities and challenging people’s mindsets to mobilize them to be the engine of change is key in facing climate issues.

Besides listening to different talks and workshops, there was the chance to visit the EDD Global Village and get inspiration from some practical projects on development issues. The Global Village is a platform featuring stands that showcase important actors, successful projects and latest reports on development topics from around the world. The village was the focal point of the EDD 2019 venue and served as a crossroads for interaction, innovation and networking among participants.


WFTO around the World

15th International Fair Trade Summit – Join the Global Fair Trade Community

The Fair Trade movement gathers for its 15th International Summit in Lima, Peru, from 16th-19th of September. The leaders, practitioners and innovators of Fair Trade will come together to exchange on various topics and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the WFTO.

Register here to join the summit.

The WFTO Summit is the largest global gathering of organisations representing the Fair Trade supply chain, from producers to exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers. It is the only international event that brings those diverse groups of dedicated Fair Traders and the broader movement in one place.

Practical market-oriented sessions will be organised with experts on trade fairs, social media, online marketing and new market channels. There will also be sessions to discuss the big ideas around Fair Trade, including circular economy, impact investing and the future of ethical consumption. You can read the draft programme here.

This year, an entire track for food and farming awaits you throughout the summit. Maggie’s Organics, Coop Coffees, Fair World Project and Dr. Bronner’s are helping to shape this agenda.

Hear more about why you should come to Lima!

13th International Fair Trade Towns Conference 2019

The International Fair Trade Towns Conference is the annual event that brings together all those that are part of the Fair Trade Towns movement – from enthusiasts of Fair Trade and trade justice, activists, volunteers, grass root campaigners, local authority representatives and national organisations.

This year, the conference will take place in Wales – the world’s first Fair Trade Nation – from 18th to 20th October 2019. Participants can look forward to high level panel discussions, innovative workshops, fair trade stalls and of course great networking opportunities. Also, there will be the chance to sample and find wonderful Fair Trade products and meet the people behind them.

Get your ticket for the conference here.


WFTO-Europe members from Germany publish leaflet on WFTO

As one of the most important events and trade fairs for Fair Trade in Germany, the Conference of German World Shops took place in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, from 28th to 30th June 2019. Our member El Puente and others took initiative to ensure that WFTO was well represented at the fair.

As a longstanding WFTO member, it is important for El Puente, along with other Fair Trade companies, that WFTO is represented worldwide with its principles and its key role within the Fair Trade movement. In order to ensure this presence at the Conference of the German World Shops, our members GEPA, WeltPartner, Globo and El Puente in coordination with Weltladen Dachverband, the association for German world shops, developed a leaflet which highlights how the WFTO network strengthens the Fair Trade movement. The leaflet was printed in German and handed out to the visitors of the fair.

A digital version of the leaflet in German can be found here.

Member in the Spotlight: S.C. NetWorks Trading Srl

It started with friendships. Building relationships, some of which have now lasted over 20 years. Listening to one another.

It is hard for people to conceive of the possibility of people living in extreme poverty in Europe. Especially in a country that is now part of the European Union. However in Romania there are many families that live in one room, with earth floors. The closest fresh water supply can be a pump or tap over 500 meters away. In the winter the temperature can still drop to -25 degrees celcius and in the summer soar to +40 celcius.

DECE is the brand name and Registered Trademark of S.C. NetWorks Trading Srl and is part of an holistic community development model helping to empower the poor (90% of whom are Roma) in a small part of North West Romania.

The model (that we call E3 = Education x Empowerment x Employment) was designed in response to the needs of the people.

The first DECE product was a simple crochet hat. Crocheting needs little equipment and enabled our employees to work from home which meant that they could build their work schedule around caring for their family. In 2013 DECE began to produce simple leather products that created work opportunities for men in the community and has become a significant part of the DECE story.

DECE adds the essential last “E” of Employment, that people identified was so needed. A job. Because a job is so much more than simply work. Our vision is not for people to survive but to thrive. Where people find dignity and self esteem, confidence and security, where through their own work people are able to provide more than just food, but a home and future for their children.

We produce our own range and also custom branded products. You can find out more about our work and our product range at or contact us for more information at


Fair Trade Related News, Publications and Other Tool